Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy New Year

Oh dear, I just seem to get worse at this blog dont I? What can I say...  First off I did have a go at updating a couple of weeks back but I couldnt upload this picture so I gave up.  Tried again today and same thing, looked up blogger's "Known Issues" and it seems there is a problem with Internet Explorer and the upload button - so lucky for me it being weekend the husband can sort these things out for me, and installed Google Chrome so I could carry on.

One of the reason's I havent been around much is I did loose my dear Tess to kidney failure on the 15th December 2012, this was the last picture taken of her a couple of days earlier.  I did take this quite badly, despite having lost 4 dogs before her this one seemed to be even more painful, if that was possible.  Maybe because this time I had to make the decision not to let her suffer, not the easiest decision for any dog owner.

Anyway - in light of my sheer hopelessness of updating this blog I have begun another one just in the setting up stage now, only managed that and an 'about me' page so far.  Must take some pictures tomorrow....  This one is more about me and the creative life, new beginnings in the art and craft world (or at least thats the idea).

I have started sewing again as I have real live 'ORDERS'  to complete, and some new projects that are more suited to a different blog.

I have a big January Sale on in my Etsy shop ready for new stock - that can be found on my website.  Although my priority will be local retail before on-line selling.

Thats enough for now, not enough hours in the day and still have some sketch practice to do.


  1. So glad to see you back blogging and hearing your very positive start to the year and another blog to follow!!

    I have almost finished Tess's pendant and I have really enjoyed working on it for you!


  2. Thanks Mick, think I have been away long enough now. Thank you so much for being my very first follower, hope to actually do a post today.

    One of my posts will be about my Tess pendant - I'm sure it will be amazing.