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To save continual boredom, I will keep the 'about me'  and the very boring health issue bit to this page as much as I can.

However, there just 'might' be somebody out there who is curious as to why this journey began... and why (in my opinion) the health issue's began.

In years gone by I had suffered with IBS, Depression and Psoriasis but other than that my health I thought was pretty good considering...... It was then thanks to the UK government VAST increase in the cost of cigarettes that forced my hand after 30 years, and the decision was made (albiet forced upon me) to quit smoking.

Nobody believed I could do it.... but I did!!!!!

I must admit I did expect just health rewards for this act, and that within months I would of course become the total image of perfect health....................or NOT!  What they don't tell you is there are a great many people whose health was infact fine UNTIL they stop the smokes.  Looking at it logically, for 30 years I filled my body with this stuff, then 'just like that' stopped.  Little wonder everything went a tad chaotic.  Before I go any further  I am NOT saying do not give up the smokes, but what I do very much advocate is DO IT GRADUALLY...just like you would any other addictive drug.

The next thing that happened to me was a series of GP visits that were a complete waste of time, and GP's who in my opinion should never be in the profession, I was completely dismissed on all 3 of my visits and treated VERY poorly indeed.  I have since changed practice.

My first complaint was INSOMNIA by the time I visited the GP I didn't know which way was up, he had no interest.  Shortly after this was when the dental visits started, to my absolute horror I was diagnosed with gingivitis (very common when given up smoking).  This then began agonising pain in my gums and face, again the GP had no interest.  My Dentist after doing many an x-ray and continual examination worked out it was in fact NEURALGIA.  On returning to the GP with this information I left with pills, after reading about them I decided not to bother thank you, and that's when the journey began... I just HAD to sort this out myself.

I found the GP and anyone else had no interest at all in helping out a sleep deprived future 'gummy' with weight gain and phantom pains!!!!

It was time to take matters into my own hands, which is how the journey began.

Before I go, it wouldnt be an 'About me' page without 'Them'.  These are the 'them' I also take care of.  The big daft retriever at the front isn't actually mine, he just joins us for our walkies each day, we collect him on the way.  Black Labrador Alfie, Yellow Labrador Tess and Jaja the Lurcher live with me.

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