Thursday, 25 October 2012

First Post

Maybe choosing a time of the week when I had more free time just 'might' have been a better idea for starting a new blog.  I am (as you see) totally unprepared today so I have added a very 'brief' description of this lovely meal to the 'healthy meals' page.  I did photograph last nights dinner too, but alas that is still on camera as time just ran away from me today. 

I have little time left now as its 5pm and I havent even started dinner yet, and the husband in his infinate wisdom decided to choose tonight to allow a chap to come and talk to us about insurance, oh joy!  So, I have to be all done, finished and vacced by 7pm.

Having said that, I did venture into town this morning to the 'farmers market' which is there once a month.  It wasn't that huge this time and not much there for me.  Though I did meet the organic cheese supplier for my local farm shop (Manic Organic) bought some more tasty cheese from him, as it is wonderful cheese - and no, not very good for the diet really, but a little of what you fancy and all that!  I got a nice sample of stilton, and some lancashire and ginger cheese... yum.  Met my Dad there so chat a plenty, then I wonder why I run out of time ... but is nice to get out and about on occasion and it was a nice day.

I also visited our Holland and Barrett health shop, their 'penny' offer is very good.  I bought some rock deodorant, and some organic body butters, oh and some sunflower seeds (good for the gums and mind).

Better make a start, I think tonights dinner is going to be 'smoked mackerel and thia rice' assuming I have all the ingrediants in, I will try remember to photograph it for the meals section.

Thank you to those who have followed me from my other blog, much appreciated.


  1. Yummy! (I think you are going to hear that a lot on this blog!!) Hope you managed to get everything sorted before the Insurance man arrived!

    Looking forward to seeing the Smoked Mackerel meal (it has been years since I last had that). Such a shame because I love eating fish but the rest of my family don't (unless it it the battered kind).


  2. yes, all sorted thanks - but in such a hurry I forgot the darn photo, have to try again next time. what a shame yes, we like fish here try to do it twice a week. Tonight is spicey beef casserole in the slow cooker, I prepared that when I got back from dog walking this morning, so will be ready whenever hubby gets in.