Sunday, 28 October 2012


I rediscovered Neem during the research I did on 'Ayurveda' which is a hindu system of traditional medicine native to India, and a form of alternative medicine.  However, there is such an awful lot involved in Ayurveda I think that might be a whole new blog needed.  So, in this instance we will just stick to the Neem information.

I say 'rediscover' as I have used Neem before for the treatment of Psoriasis.  I somehow managed to totally forget about it, this time my research was for teeth and gums but neem is used for many things.  My initial introduction was many years ago at a Mind, Body and Spirit Fair in Bolton, were I met
The neeem People
  I found you did not just need to listen to what they could tell you about Neem, but look at how wonderfully healthy this couple are.

AZADIRACHTIA INDICA otherwise known as the Neem Tree.  Is a tree from the mahogony family MELIACEAE.  It is one of the two species in the genus AZADIRACHTA and is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.. growing in tropical and semi-tropical regions, also grown in the Southern part of Iran.

The botanical name AZADIRACHTA INDICA gives away the indian origin.  The whole name is from the Persian language Farsi.  AZAD - means Free, DIRKHT means Tree and IHIDI means of India.
So, the botanical name translates into "The Free Tree of India".

Neem Oil  is used in cosmetics - soap, shampoo, balms and creams.  Soaps are often mixed with other natural ingrediants making a wonderfully scented, natural and caring product.
Shampoo too, is a caring and natural product, also on the Neem Product list is a natural cure to rid head lice, an improvement on the chemical version.

Neem skin creams, balms etc are wonderful - I use one for softer youthful complection on my face and a slightly stronger neater one for my Psoriasis.  I also have one for the summer months to deter insects, again preferable than the chemical versions for the skin.

Neem Branches have been chewed to clean one's teeth.  Neem twigs are available on Indian markets for this purpose.  In the UK available we have toothpastes, tooth powder and mouthwash.  This is what I am using to help with my gum problems at the moment.

Neem is also a key ingrediant in non-pesticidial management (NPM) providing a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides.  Neem also supresses the hatching of pest insects from their eggs.  Neem Cake is often sold as a fertiliser.

As you see I do advocate Neem for skin care and oral health care.  This is just my opinion, I am not a health professional so do always consult a GP before using any of the products I mention om my blog.  We are not all the same.

If it is safe for you to do so, Neem is available from the following on-line shops.

The neeem People


  1. Never come across Neem before but it sounds good, do they sell it in the high street health shops I wonder? I could do with stocking up with some for the summer months because insects tend to go for me.

  2. Some of the health shops sell Neem yes. My local one sells A. Vogal Neem cream, not sure about the insect repellant though, I have only seen that on-line. I used this one when I visited Martin Mere's open day, with stagnant waters, and exotic animals - last time I went to that I was in A&E after the bites. No probs this time:)