Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Introducing a new blog on healthy witterings

Here we are in October 2012 - the beginning of my new blog, to share what I have discovered from the extended research I have done (and continue to do) on health issues. I am not a famous person, nor a professional, just an ordinary woman in need of help that was not forthcoming from those it should have been.  I hope you will join me, and enjoy reading what I have discovered to help me and my family... and even my dogs!

I also spend my time with Art, I love to paint and to illustrate.  I need a lot of practice too! So for each blog entry there will be an illustration (hopefully) as in order to ever improve art is to be a daily practice, its also part of my 'health' recovery to do something I enjoy and 'for me' - so there is lesson one for you already.  I have art journal's and am involved in art journal on-line groups.. Art Journals are fabulous for 'letting it out' getting your thoughts and worries on paper so they do not fester inside the mind.

My health issues are discussed on the 'about me' page, so I dont need to witter on about those anymore.  Part of my recovery is which supplements to take, which herbs are good for what, and the biggest part of all 'HEALTHY EATING' the amazing and frightening discovery of what 'exactly' is in the food we eat, how important avoiding processed foods is and finding the time to prepare your own, so as to know just what you are eating.

There is a link to the right of the page where I purchase my ORGANIC veg, meats and some dairy - shopping from a local farm for these is often the way to eat healthier for less, Organic might be expensive in some supermarkets, but not neccesarily so when bought direct from were it is grown.

As I enjoy my new healthy meals so much, I will also set up a seperate page for those - trust me, they are SIMPLE, nothing complicated, good food and rarely more time involved than a trip out to the take out would be (and have you 'any' idea what is in that??).

I think that will do for now - all that is left is to point out again, I am not a professional person, everything written on this blog is my opinion from the research I have done, when I remember I will show were this research is from.. if not by all means give me a nudge and I will add, also if you have any tips to share please do (but dont be offended if I stress these are OPINIONS).


  1. Good luck with the new blog, it looks like it is going to be really interesting.

  2. Found your new blog so will continue stalking you on here too lol!!


  3. Thank you both. Thank you to my new followers, I have followed back those I can, those I haven't yet its because I cant do so from your link - hopefully I can after a comment.

    Mick, thank you for stalking me here too.