Friday, 9 November 2012

Eating colour

I have read, and been told of late.. its not just eating your greens that is good for you.  The more variety of colour on the plate the better. (natural colour of course).  My organic stews are always very colourful as contain everything I purchased from the farm shop carrots (that are purple), parsnip, Kale, Chard, sweet potato, butternut squash, bell peppers, mushroom, potato... the more colour the better.  Then of course you can start on the fruits.

This weeks fruit bowl from the supermarket is nearly all Organic as it was on offer, so I have Orange, Bananas, Kiwi, grapes and pomegranate (the pom isnt organic, not seen any of those yet), also purchased was lemons for cleaning.. yes, I have recently learnt that the chemicals in cleaners are not so good for you either, as well as how pricey they are!  Did some research on natural cleaners, seems all you need is lemon, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, soda crystals and borax substitute and you are covered.

I did actually clean my oven yesterday with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, and it worked.. and lets just say it wasnt exactly last week when it was last cleaned.

Tonights dinner was spicy stuffed peppers, with organic beef - very nice, doesnt look much but is a very filling and healthy meal. Though it was finished off with some homemade cake, called 'Boozy Cake' which was a rather nice fruit cake I made in the bread maker yesterday, and again forgot to take its photo, sorry.... and there is not much left now... so much for the diet.
And I was very pleased with this today.  A malt brown loaf, I did the next size up and it seems to be much better.. I do make 'most' of my own bread now, occasionally I get tempted with the soda breads at Manic Organic though, they are sometimes too good to resist.

I will add the Stuffed Pepper recipe in the next few days to the 'health meals' page - that one is from a book on simple Indian cooking a friend gave me, so should be ok to share.. it was a great book for a novice, I still use it for a few things.

Happy Eating, and dont forget those colours on your plate - just the NATURAL ones mind.


  1. The natural cleaners are a great idea! We cleaned (we I say 'we' but it was Angela) the oven recently with chemicals and when we next used it the smell was horrible!

    Made my first curry this week with spices and it was bliss! So much better than the ones out of jars.

  2. You can purchase plenty of books on the subject of natural cleaning, or just 'google' it plenty of info out there. I am slowly changing over to all natural now, sure the house is feeling happier. Using bicarb on my carpets too for freshness, works well.

    Thrilled about your curry, never go back to the jars now - all pure, just need to find your local organic farm now, our local organic chilli's were very good in the curry.