Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thats Better!

That's Better!!! After yesterdays disaster, here is what the Granary Loaf 'should' look like, and it tasted great, we just had it for lunch with some organic butter and organic cherry spread.  Delicious!  I think I need some new scales to be sure my last disaster does not repeat itself. This week I am planning my first fruit cake too, so need the measurements to be correct for that one.

Sunday is our day to do our shopping at Manic Organic (see link to the right of page).  Always a delight, not just the fabulous veggies, meats, breads and pies but the general experience of the shopping with such lovely people. We also met some other customers there who supplied some of the local honey I have been eating which was a real treat.

Today was also the day for my starting my own Kefir water.. now there is a revellation, I like to think of it as making my own 'Yakult' as its a similar idea as it is to give the body the good bacteria needed, you can read more about it here I might do a proper feature on it in the next week or so, I have taken a photo of my jar already so see how it looks in a day or so.  I am far too excited about this, really should get a life LOL.  One of the other things I like is that the Kefir grains multiply so you can then give them away to somebody else to start them off, so I am hoping a couple of my friends will be in line to try this too.

Last nights Tuna Bake wasn't really one of our favourites, but that's just our personal taste, I will add it to the healthy meal page later as the recipe was from the Healthy Food Guide I will be able to share that one.  Tonight is "Orange Glaze Salmon with white beans" think we will enjoy that one more, and I have organic oranges for it, yum.


  1. Ooh that looks lovely! I love baking my own bread it's just finding the time.x

  2. oooh! That loaf looks good and so does the cherry spread! I watched a program recently where they looked into the origins of some of this good bacteria and some of it is taken from faeces!! (isolated and cleaned) but still yuck!


  3. Mouth's watering Lynda, your bread looks perfect. x

  4. Hi Hannah, nice to see you here.

    Was delicious Mick! I did more research on healthy bacteria after your post, still think its a good thing.. I have even discovered probotic chocolate and its very nice.

    Hi Julie, nice to see you too. Looking into making some healthy cake for my next visit with you, experimenting tomorrow.

  5. Hi Lynda, just found you....what a change, I hope you haven't give up on the art completely.