Saturday, 3 November 2012

It doesn't always go well

This was to be my very first GRANARY LOAF oh dear!!!! as you can see all did not go according to plan.  Infact, to make things worse everything I did went badly yesterday... I made the hubby one some chocolate fudge, or at least I tried too... it refused to set, its still in the freezer while I try force it too.. but looking bad.  I also made some 'sunshine bars' which are a bit like flapjack, only with tropical mix, coconut, chopped nuts, sultanas etc, they went badly too and refused to mould together, so we are enjoying the odd handful of crumbs to get those down.

I had thought I was just having a bad day.. lets face it, it happens not all the days can be good - right? so after spending our lunch time doing an awful lot of chewing on above bread, not only does it look bad if we had continued trying we would still be sat there trying to get it down.  We decided I should get brave and try again....

When I started my baking journey this year I purchased some scales, they are scales for the blind (and dim I hoped) as they speak to you.. great eh?  well apparently NOT.
As I measured out my flour and butter I realised that there was infact half the amount I used yesterday, so I measured the whole bad of flour to compare.. it seems they were having an off day too yesterday, so off they had ALL my amounts totally incorrect!!! hence the reason the bread was a disaster, and my other attempts.

Granary Loaf II is currently baking, and hopefully I can show you what it 'SHOULD' look like tomorrow.

Why do I bake my own bread?  maybe you would like to take a look at your ingrediants from your shop bought loaf.. or maybe you would rather NOT.  The (so called) nice and healthy soya and rye loaf you can buy in most supermarkets has 2 of the dreaded 'E' additives in it, which contain pig fat?? mmmh.... most loaves contain soya to bulk them up too, alongside the 'E' additives to preserve them.

Dont forget I am slowly adding some of my healthy meals to that section of the blog, it is a slow thing as I keep forgetting to photograph them.  For tonight it is creamy tuna and pasta bake.. recipe taken from this months Healthy Food Guide.

Stay safe tonight for the weekend of fireworks, we will be spending our evening trying to console the dogs as usual, and staying up late till its quiet enough to let them out.  I can only hope that one day fireworks will be public display only, and ONE NIGHT A YEAR!!!!!!


  1. Shame on you scales, I hope you gave them a good telling off! Just out of interest is it a male or female voice that they use?

    I also share your thoughts about the fireworks, I cannot stand the horrible things!!


  2. Thanks Mick, it was a male voice... best not say anything about that one then.

    New loaf has worked, we can eat tomorrow LOL.

    Yes, fireworks are interrupting my evening somewhat with the dogs being so afraid.